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D&J Glove Repair - Minneapolis, MN

Our chat with Jimmy Lonetti, owner of D&J Glove Repair in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

When did you start D&J Glove Repair and what is its mission?

D&J Glove Repair started on a whim in 2010. I started fixing some of my son's little league teammates' gloves. A friend in the ad business designed our first logo and an 8th grader set up our first website and the business has grown from there. My mission and objective with the business has always been to fix and repair gloves to the original specs. No quick fixes or temporary repairs.

What inspired you to open the shop?

I like to think I am following in the footsteps of my grandfather who was a shoe repair man his whole life. You could say leather has maybe always been in my blood. After 12 years of operating in various basements and garages where I've lived, I finally took the leap and opened a storefront. As far as I know, we are the only dedicated baseball glove repair shop in the country.

How does D&J Glove Repair aim to impact the community?

The business has always tended to be focused on whatever level of play my son was playing at. First little league, then high school, college and now adult amateur baseball. In Minnesota, adult Town Ball is a big deal and we have become closely associated with the Minnesota Baseball Association by setting up at various tournaments and games. We want to provide glove repair with quick turnarounds at a fair price.

How can people support the store?

People can obviously support our business by sending us their gloves for repair. We also sell a lot of used gloves I acquire from various sources; thrift stores, garage sales, etc... I often have customers walk in and just want to give us gloves that they've had laying around for years. I thank them and tell them if at all possible I will "pay the glove forward" and give it to a kid whose family maybe doesn't have the means to buy a decent glove. So sending us any unwanted old gloves is always appreciated.

What does "Support Local Baseball" mean to you?

Just loving baseball. For me the Twins are local baseball and I support them because I love baseball. I also love the local high school team. We just signed on to sponsor their line up sheets that are passed out to fans for the season. No matter what the level, support the team and love the game.

You can learn more about D&J Glove Repair on their website


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