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Ohio Village Diamonds - Columbus, OH

Our chat with Amy Dickerson of the Ohio Village Diamonds Women's Vintage Base Ball Club of Columbus, Ohio.

Who are the Ohio Village Diamonds and what is their mission?

The Ohio Village Diamonds are a women's vintage base ball made up of a group of enthusiastic lovers of the game who carry on the tradition of the sport as it was played in mid-nineteenth-century America. The first thing we tell people new to “vintage” base ball is that, historically, “base ball” was two words. This is important because we like to do everything as the base ball players of 1860 did it: We play by their rules, dress in their uniforms, and exemplify their gentlemanly behavior.

Our mission is to play the game the way it was depicted in 1860 and educate on the history of base ball.

How does the team aim to impact the community?

We educate on 1860 base ball and play at a variety of festivals as entertainment throughout Ohio. Everyone is welcome to come and cheer on all the participants during these family-friendly events. Before, during and after the games, various members of the team are available to answer questions about the differences between the game of the 1860s and the game of today.

What is unique about the style of baseball you play?

We play with wooden bats, no gloves and a lemon peel ball with using the rules of 1860. We also play in period costume.

Where all do you play games and how can people find out when you play?

Our home field is on Muffin Meadow at the Ohio Village at the Ohio History Connection in Columbus Ohio. Games are played against other vintage teams from Ohio and across the country, as well as teams of local community members.

We also play throughout Ohio and community festivals and events. You can find our schedule here:

How can people support your organization?

By coming out to watch a game or if interested in playing, please reach out to

What does "Support Local Baseball" mean to you?

Most folks don't know that there is a community of hundreds of vintage base ball teams all throughout the country. We play each other and have strong ties to many other team, supporting one another. We also will often pair with local baseball or softball teams to play against them , using our 1860s rules and period clothing to help them understand where America's greatest pastime all started.

You can learn more about the Ohio Village Diamonds on their website or on their Facebook page.


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