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Ole Miss Baseball - Oxford, MS

Our chat with Chloe Walker, Student Worker for Ole Miss Baseball in Oxford, Mississippi.

What's your name, role, and years spent with the team and in baseball?

My name is Chloe Walker, I am a Student Worker at Ole Miss Baseball, and I will be going into my third year with the program. I wear a lot of hats around Swayze! My role generally consists of helping coaches in the office, attending bullpens and using Rapsodo, building reports, scouting opposing teams, and running BATS! (a comprehensive video and charting software) during games.

What is your favorite part about working with the Ole Miss baseball team?

The gameday atmosphere and getting to meet so many incredible people! I sit a couple of rows behind home plate at games with a bunch of computers, and I'll always have someone come up asking questions about what I'm looking at. I love getting to share that knowledge with someone, especially when it's a kid asking. At our last home series this season, a kid actually asked me to sign his baseball -- that was a first!!

How does the team aim to impact the community?

Ole Miss Baseball really strives to make a difference in Oxford and Lafayette County. We run camps for kids in the summers and over winter break, and our guys love to help out and coach the teams. After games, kids and adults alike will stand down the first baseline looking for their favorite players to sign baseballs and take photos with -- the guys take it in stride. In addition to that, I've seen guys out with their girlfriends, friends, parents, etc., on the Square downtown and get stopped by someone wanting a photo, and they are always so incredibly gracious.

What does "Support Local Baseball" mean to you?

In my opinion, supporting local baseball means taking the time to explore the teams around your area and attending their games/events, rather than just focusing on going to your favorite professional team's games. SEC baseball teams are incredibly lucky in that regard, as college sports are so popular in the region, but many other college programs don't get the support that we do. Ole Miss fans are something special, and they go above and beyond other SEC teams' fans, always showing up for the boys, writing them letters of support, and so much more.

You can learn more about Ole Miss Baseball on their website or on their Twitter and Instagram.


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