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Coach McKinstry's Warehouse - Fort Wayne, IN

Our chat with Alex McKinstry, Owner of Coach McKinstry's Warehouse in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

When was Coach McKinstry's Warehouse founded and what is its mission?

We started in January of 2022, our mission is simply to provide a safe space for players to get better.

What inspired you to start the business?

Long and short is that I was asked about 3 years ago to help out a buddy of mine at the Plex in Fort Wayne. He asked me to run a fielding camp over a weekend and as I watched I saw young man after young man struggling to just play catch. That was when I knew I needed to start giving back.

How can people support Coach McKinstry's Warehouse?

You can start just by simply playing catch with your kids. If you want to support us and what we do, like and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

What does "Support Local Baseball" mean to you?

Coaches giving back to players and Fort Wayne Little Leagues, players and families instead of having to drive to Indianapolis, you have great facilities and coaches in town!

You can learn more about Coach McKinstry's Warehouse by visiting their website.


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