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Adopt A Minor Leaguer

Our chat with Michael Rivers, Founder of Adopt A Minor Leaguer.

Note: To provide some background on the need for an organization like Adopt a minor leaguer it is important to remember that Minor league baseball players face significant financial challenges, as their salaries are notably low compared to their counterparts in the major leagues. These talented athletes dedicate themselves to the game, putting in long hours of practice and enduring grueling schedules, all while striving to make it to the big leagues.

However, the financial compensation they receive often falls far short of what is needed to cover basic living expenses. With limited resources, minor league players are often forced to make difficult choices, sacrificing personal comfort and stability in pursuit of their dreams. The inadequate pay in minor league baseball underscores the need for organizations like Adopt A Minor Leaguer, which aim to alleviate the financial pressures and provide support to these aspiring athletes.

When was Adopt A Minor Leaguer founded and what is its mission ?

Adopt A Minor Leaguer is an organization that was founded in February 2020 with a noble mission to support and assist minor league baseball players in reducing their financial burdens. Recognizing the challenges faced by these talented athletes, the organization aims to alleviate the financial pressures that often hinder their ability to fully focus on pursuing their dreams in professional baseball. One of our biggest initiatives is our Chipotle gift card donations where we are able to deliver gift cards to our athletes at games throughout the season.

What inspired you to start the organization?

My father inspired me to start this organization. He was diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer in January of 2020 and I wanted to do something impactful to help others since I couldn't help him.

How does Adopt a Minor Leaguer aim to impact the community?

We aim to impact the minor league community by relieving their financial stresses, raise awareness to their plight, and give them extra support as they navigate their ways through the minor leagues

Any famous alumni or people associated with the organization?

Weve had 6 guys make it to the majors from our program. Ethan Roberts (Cubs), Louie Varland (Twins), Jose Cuas (Royals), Gus Varland (Brewers), Bligh Madris (Pirates), and Dylan Dodd (Braves).

How can people support your organization?

People can support our organization by signing up to sponsor a player or donate to the organization. You have the opportunity to help these young men achieve their dreams. By becoming a sponsor, you can impact a minor leaguer's life with a 1-to-1 relationship that he will remember forever.

What does "Support Local Baseball" mean to you?

Supporting local baseball to us means showing up to a legion game, going to see a Minor league team and handing a few players some gift cards, being active in your community little league programs.

You can learn more about Adopt a Minor League on Twitter or their website.


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