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The Seattle Cheney Studs is one of the oldest teams in amateur baseball in the country. The team was created in 1954 by businessman Ben Cheney who was local to the Tacoma, Washington area. Cheney owned a lumber company that copyrighted the 2x4 for home and other construction, which is what gave the team its name. 

While the Studs did not appear in the NBC World Series until 1989, the team had a lot of success locally in its first several decades. The team went on to win the NBC World Series in 2013, 2015 and 2019. 

The Studs have appeared in every NBC World Series since 2002, all of which have been under the lead of manager Barry Aden, a Hall of Famer in the NBC, Grand Forks Tournament, National Semi Pro Baseball, Tacoma Oldtimers and Centralia College Sports Hall of Fames. 

Notable alumni from the Studs include Tim Lincecum, a pitcher who went on to play for the San Francisco Giants, the same team in which the Studs’ founder, Cheney, once owned an 11 percent stake in.

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