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Fort Wayne's World Series Stars: Bill Wambsganss

In the 1920 World Series, Bill Wambsganss made history with an unforgettable unassisted triple play for the Cleveland Indians. But did you know he had strong ties to Fort Wayne?

Bill attended college right here at Concordia Seminary in Fort Wayne before going on to a 13 year major league baseball career from 1914 through 1926 with Cleveland and Philadelphia.

Bill Wambsganss' claim to fame came on October 10, 1920, during the 1920 World Series while playing for the Cleveland Indians. In the fifth inning of Game 5, Wambsganss became the first and, to this day, the only player in Major League Baseball history to complete an "unassisted triple play" in the World Series. This remarkable feat cemented his place in the annals of baseball history and was a testament to his incredible fielding skills and baseball IQ.

Bill returned to Indiana in 1932 as player/manager of the Fort Wayne Chiefs of the Central League where he hit .211 in 15 games. After his playing career, he stayed in the Summit City and became the first manager of the Fort Wayne Daisies in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League in the 1945 and 1946 season.

Today, the Concordia Seminary Gymnasium proudly bears his name and keeps Wambsganss legacy alive in Fort Waye.

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